Contemporary artist Charlie Steg explores texture, flow, and color in his artworks. His work focuses on geometric and organic forms.

Hoboken, New Jersey artist believes that good visual art speaks to an open-minded viewer profoundly and lastingly. Each time viewers view his works, they will discover new things about them. Consequently, he strives to leave a lasting impression on the audience both emotionally and visually. A person can’t help but be mesmerized by his artwork whether they view it with their eyes or with their minds.

Artwork of Charlie Steg

Each of Charlie’s artworks tells a story

For Charlie Steg, painting is storytelling. The medium allows him to explore his creativity and test his skills as an artist. To him, every painting is a story that emerges from his mind and his experiences. The medium of painting allows him to create images that tell a deeper and more personal story than what he could express with words.

Charlie Steg’s paintings explore geometric and organic forms. By combining primary colors to create rich hues, he creates his own style of modern digital painting. His artwork is inspired by the natural world, mostly by the way leaves, flowers, and other organic forms interact with the world around them.

Charlie Steg’s paintings are largely abstract. However, there are a few that are more figurative. His paintings are also mostly monochromatic, although a few are more saturated. For him, the monochromatic aspect of his work is important because it represents the idea of being in nature.


What is the best advice Charlie ever received?

“When it comes to creating art, everyone has their own way of doing things. However, one tip that has helped me tremendously is to make each piece count. Part of creating art is being true to yourself, and that can be difficult if you try to conform to the masses.

However, if you make each piece count, then you will be okay. What is the best advice you’ve ever received? Create your own path. There are many paths, but there is only one correct road,” says Charlie Steg.


Where can people find more information about Charlie’s work?

If you would like to learn more about Charlie Steg’s work, you can visit his online portfolio at Pictorem.


Final Words

Creating artwork is a wonderful way to express your feelings, thoughts, ideas, and feelings. Think carefully about the message you want to convey when creating your visual artwork. Make sure you are commenting on something meaningful about the human condition. You should use visual art responsibly since it can be both beautiful and powerful.

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