Charlie Steg is back with an even more extraordinary series of photorealistic paintings. After receiving an incredible response to his first set of surrealist works, the New Jersey-based artist has now introduced a new series of photorealistic paintings that are once again leaving people speechless.

Immediately upon viewing these works, one can see how much more detailed and sophisticated they are than his previous pieces.

In this article, you will find out more about his realistic paintings and how he creates them.

What is Behind the Success of Charlie Steg’s Photorealistic Paintings?

In order to understand why Charlie Steg’s photorealistic paintings are so successful, one must first understand what exactly constitutes photorealistic art. As the name suggests, photorealistic art is a visual art genre that attempts to create a painting that looks as if it had been photographed rather than created by hand. Steg’s photorealistic paintings are indeed among the most realistic works of art ever created. Not only are they incredibly detailed, but they also boast an almost otherworldly sense of realism. This is due in large part to the fact that Steg uses a unique painting technique that he refers to as “painting with light.” This involves using photographic lights to paint the subject of the painting.


How Does Charlie Steg Achieve Such Precision?

As we’ve seen, one of the keys to making something look photorealistic is creating a high degree of detail. The more detailed a piece is, the more lifelike it will appear. For example, if you were to paint the leaves on a tree in your backyard, you might give each leaf a different shape and color. This would be perfectly normal, as we all have different fingerprints and it’s supposed to look natural. However, if you wanted to paint a tree that looks photorealistic, you would need to keep each leaf the same shape and color. You would also need to make sure that your painting technique was impeccable so that the leaves didn’t look as if they had been hastily painted on. Steg’s photorealistic paintings are the perfect example of this. For example, in his painting titled “The Tree of Life,” he paints a tree with exactly the same leaves on each branch. This tree is so detailed that each leaf even has a different shade of green, as real leaves do in nature. You can learn nore about how he creates his painting by reading his articles on Reedsy.


Which Painting Tools Does He Use?

As we’ve seen, one of the most important aspects of creating a photorealistic painting is having impeccable technique. This means that every single stroke must be executed precisely in order to get the desired effect. Steg’s painting tools include a wide variety of paintbrushes (he has more than 100!) as well as photographic lights and a high-end camera setup. His paints of choice include acrylic paints, oils, and enamels, with the latter two being the most widely used. Steg also likes to use pencils to sketch out his paintings, especially when he’s first beginning the creative process.


In Conclusion

The thing that makes Charlie Steg’s photorealistic paintings so impressive is that, as stunning as they are, they’re not even his best work. Steg has said that he’s always striving for perfection, and that he’ll keep painting and improving on his pieces until he feels they’re exceptional. With each new work, he just keeps getting closer and closer to achieving that goal. Steg’s photorealistic paintings have been making headlines around the world since he began introducing them in late 2018. It’s safe to say that they’ve already left their mark on the art world, and that they’ll continue inspiring people for many years to come.

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