About Charlie Steg

Charlie Steg is a contemporary artist who loves exploring texture, flow and colour. A Hoboken, New Jersey native, Charlie Steg’s amazing work is centered on the orchestration of organic and geometric structures. Charlie chose to be a visual artist because the best visual artwork is able to speak to an open minded viewer in a profound, lasting manner.

His intention is to make pieces that reward viewers with further discoveries after repeated viewings. He strives to leave a lasting impression that is both visually and emotionally engaging. His artwork captivates both the eye and the mind.


Art Education and Recognition

Originally from Hoboken, New Jersey, Charlie Steg studied at the Montclair State University from where his received his Master’s Degree in Fine Arts. He has exhibited his work across the country and internationally, created a strong public following, and has even lectured at several prestigious universities. Charlie Steg has enjoyed national recognition as an artist and has received many honors and awards.


The Work of Charlie Steg

The Hoboken based artist presents abstract paintings that focus on the experience of a space. Minimal in design, articulate in their refinement, these paintings on wood, paper or canvas completely encompass the viewer. Expressive color and imaginative imagery abound in Charlie Steg’s paintings. Charlie’s work has been the subject of numerous exhibitions across the country and is included in many public and private collections around the world.

He is currently exhibiting a collection of contemporary figurative, acrylic and oil paintings with abstract overtones. Their sizes vary from very small 8×10″ to large – over 5 ft by 5ft. His larger canvases are easily removed from their stretchers and rolled for shipping.

Charlie Steg continues to document visual sensibilities in his multifaceted paintings. Vibrant and beautifully textured, his paintings are an exploration of surface, texture, and color.